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COVID-19 Resources and Information

Village Council Updates

Assistant to Program Director Job Announcement

Assistant to Program Director Job Description

Facilities Manager Job Announcement

Facilities Manager Job Description

Page Park Design Proposal by GreenSweep Revised 4/11/22

GreenSweep Report on Design Changes 4/11/22

GreenSweep Proposal Narrative: Page Park

GreenSweep Vision Booklet: Page Park

GreenSweep Proposal Plant List: Page Park

Village Council Position on Proposed 5500 Wisconsin Avenue Development

Sketch Plan Application Filed for 5500 Wisconsin Avenue Project

2020 Census Data for Friendship Heights Village

Urban Land Institute TAP Study on Friendship Heights 2021 

Information on County Thrive 2050 General Plan 

Maryland Department of Transportation Survey on the Future of Transportation

Free Rides for Seniors on Montgomery County Ride-on and Metrobus

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Updates on Programs and Services

MVA Bus Dates for June

Application for July Art Show at Friendship Gallery

Stay Safe Online Program for Parents

Stay Safe Online Program for Seniors

Zoom Link for Current Events Discussion Series on Fridays at 10:30 a.m.

Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora & Beyond, presentation by Nick Glakas

Friendship Heights Tribute to Janet Morrison

“Gelling with Jan” Video of Artist and Instructor Jan Rowland

Application for Concert Performers

Application for Course Instructors

Application for Workshop Instructors

Application for Speakers

Alabama Story Playwright Interview 

Online Onstage: Guitarist Richard Miller 

Online Onstage: Music Pilgrim Trio 

Online Onstage: Jenny and Nathan Wilson Jazz Duo 

Online Onstage: Janet Rutland Holiday Program 

Online Onstage: Susan Jones Trio 

Online Onstage: Lecture on Native American Ballerinas 

Online Onstage: Hispanic Heritage Month with Isaac Eicher and Marcella Pinilla 

Online Onstage: Tulsa Trio

Online Onstage: John Hamill: History of Jazz Part 1

Online Onstage: Clarinetist James Logan 

Online Onstage: John Hamill’s “Story behind the song — Traveling”

Online Onstage: Janet Rutland Country Classics

Online Onstage: John Hamill’s “Story Behind the Song: Duke Ellington”

Online Onstage: Shelby Eicher Jazz Trio

Online Onstage: Janet Rutland and Randy Wimer present vintage pop music

Online Onstage: Silver Sounds Concert

Online Onstage: John Hamill’s The Story Behind the Song—Glenn Miller

Online Onstage: Concert Featuring R2Duo (piano and saxophone)

Online Onstage: Janet Rutland sings Rodgers & Hammerstein

Online Onstage: Janet Rutland sings Johnny Mercer YouTube concert

Online Onstage: Shelby Eicher Western Trio Concert

Online Onstage: Frederick Moyer Piano Concert

Instructions on How to Use Zoom from the Tech Mensch